The Collapse of Consciousness

Today, our technology far exceeds our conscious capacity to know how to use it. We, especially in the U.S., think that we are doing well because we have made it this far industrially and technologically. However, are we really doing that well, in the grand scheme of things, when our national happiness is at an all time low, and we are destroying the planet in the process?

To quote Louis C.K., “Everything is awesome and no one is happy.”

We are living like robots; robots controlled by a higher power called the “Man.”  We are not living fully; we are taught and conditioned and manipulated to think, feel, and behave complacently.  One of my favorites minds in the world today, Graham Hancock, put it beautiful when he said:

"When the State sends us to prison for essentially exploring our own consciousness, this is a grotesque abuse of our human rights; a fundamental wrong. If I, as an adult, am not sovereign over my own consciousness then I'm absolutely not sovereign over anything, I can't claim any kind of freedom at all. What has happened over the last 40 or 50 years under the disguise of the War on Drugs is that we have been persuaded to hand over the keys of our own consciousness to the State. The most precious, the most intimate, the most sapient part of ourselves, the State now has the keys, and furthermore, they've persuaded us that's in our interest. This is a very dangerous situation."
It’s as if we constantly have surveillance cameras on us, making sure we are not exploring our own minds and thinking freely.